Turkey Valley Schools – The Power of Community!

District Finances, Baseball Field, and the Power of Community

 (The following is a reprint from the Turkey Valley BlogSpot-
Sept 15– with permission by Superintendent Jurrens)


September 15th is the day we close the financial books on the last school year.  On this day, we have the information we need to evaluate our financial status.  Two years ago, there were questions about the future of the district and meetings were held about possible options going forward.  I’m here to tell you that the financial status of the district has improved significantly for the second year in a row.  In fact, there is only one year out of the past eight where the district’s finances were better than they are now.  There will still be challenges ahead, but the hard work of the staff and community members and responsible decisions by the board have brought us to a place where things are looking up.  Last year I talked about the class of 2029 and seeing them graduate.  We will have financial challenges going forward, as will most districts, but I feel good about seeing the class of 2030 and beyond graduate from Turkey Valley.  We’ve had an intense focus on managing finances to get where we’re at.  Now it’s time to make sure we are providing the best education possible for our students to make sure each one is ready for the world that awaits them when they graduate.


If you’ve been by the school lately, you may have noticed some work on the baseball field.  The board had decided to address the unevenness of the outfield.  Some have shared with me that the ridges that we had in the outfield were a part of our home field advantage.  In spite of any advantage, they needed to be addressed along with some other uneven areas in the outfield.  Bids were obtained and after seeing how expensive they were, a couple of our board members stepped up to help by undertaking this project themselves.  I know many others have helped and/or provided equipment, soil, etc. and that’s how things work in our district.  When help is needed, everyone willingly steps up to help in any way they can.  The seeding will take place this weekend and then the watering and growing starts.  Hopefully, we have a long fall so our grass gets a good start yet this fall.  Thanks to the board members, individuals, and companies who have stepped up to help with this project.  It wouldn’t have happened without everyone pitching in.  Thanks again!


Speaking of everyone pitching in. We are all fortunate to be a part of such a caring, hardworking community.  As I mentioned earlier, two years ago there were meetings and discussion on the future of the district.  Mostly over concerns with the district’s finances.  Today things are enormously better.  That didn’t happen by itself and it didn’t happen because the district hired a new superintendent.  It happened because of the Power of our Community working together.  Working together, the Turkey Valley Community can accomplish anything.  The baseball field is just one example of what happens when community members step up to take on a project that benefits the district.  Everyone who plans carries out, and participates in the Gala is another example.  There are many other examples from the booster club to the many businesses, organizations, and individuals who get asked dozens of times each year to contribute to this or purchase that to help our district.  In addition, our staff members have done what they can when times have been tough to still provide the best education possible to our students.  They know the district’s situation and have been very frugal in what they ask for in their classrooms.  All of these things have made a difference and the results are showing it.  The district’s finances have improved tremendously and the future looks bright.  The Power in the Turkey Valley Community comes from within each of you.  You are making a difference and it shows.  Thanks for letting me be a part of this wonderful community.