Decorah Makes Yet ANOTHER List!

The website has come out with a list of the most popular small cities in America to relocate to.

Decorah ranked #47 out of the entire country.  movebuddha says it studied the searches of its website that people who are planning a move made.  From that data it compiled a list of the most searched towns with populations under 10,000 in America.

On the list, former Decorah mayor Don Arendt is quoted as saying: “Decorah is an energetic city with rich natural resources, diverse entertainment and year around cultural activities. Our natural amenities include 670 acres of community parkland with bike trails, natural springs, and a river.

Lodging accommodations have been increased with a New Marriott Fairfield hotel that just opened. The annual Nordic Fest Norwegian festival creates an atmosphere of community spirit. As home to Luther College, many graduates find their retirement home in Decorah. Two new micro-brewers have also added interest in our community.”

The complete list is available at:
(This article reprinted, with permission, from 1-12-18)